Gig Sites

Another way that you can make money for college at home  is with gig sites. These are web sites that let people put up ‘gigs’ that they will do for $5.00, or some other amount of money. The best one- and the only one I’d recommend using- is

If you have  a talent- say, writing well, making things out of felt, singing, or dancing- you can create a gig on Fiverr using that talent. People who want you to do the gig will pay you $5 ($4 after Fiverr takes their cut), and you will do the gig for them. I’ve made almost $60 writing and editing content for people on Fiverr, and I’ve barely been doing it for a month.

Doing gigs on Fiverr is a crucial part of my plan to make money for college at home. In between calls for LiveOps, I take Fiverr gigs.  I can also do them in between my classes. You can set your own deadlines, and be your own boss.

One of my favorite things about Fiverr is how it matches people who need work done with people who can do the work.  You can request someone to do a gig for you, or find a gig that you need done.

If you’re interested in using Fiverr, here’s a link.

This is one of my Fiverr gigs. I will write 1,ooo words of content for you, for $5.


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